I'm 18, genderqueer, and a coffee-addict. I enjoy poetry, write spoken word and even upload my own creations on youtube. I love learning new things and would love to travel one day.

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:) gosh yes

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Going through a certain someone’s insta and listening to their singing and just wow

#her #yas
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I’m so happy I’m gay bc girls

#they're so pretty #theyre so cute #they smell so good #girls!
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Girls are so pretty and smell nice

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Wow girls

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Quiero que me quieras como yo a tiPor que no puedo pasar una eternidad sin ti
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How does so much perfect even fit into one person what even

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georgia p. the p is for perfect.
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Sinn how do you even

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— Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude (via tri-ciclo)

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this is my kink where do I find this guy

fun fact: a few hours after posting this to my tumblr the guy sent me a message frantically demanding i take this down. he didn’t want to be famous on the internet, he said, and girls from tumblr were harassing him.
i refused.
a month later he sent me a message thanking me, and saying i got him laid.
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